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Easy To Learn Form Of Investment

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Are there any forms of investment which are easy to learn about?

For example, I think that housing and BTL are relatively easy to learn about. Compared to say currency speculating and gold, it would be possible to list the things people should research before they even think about investing. Or not investing as the case may be.

Things that could make a type of investment easy to learn about could be due to relative simplicity, the existence of good and readily available documentation, books, etc. Or due to other reasons that I don't know about.

What sorts of investments would people recommend where it is possible for someone unfamiliar with the investment type to come up to speed reasonably quickly.

Billy Shears

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ALL investment is easy to learn about billy!!!

the basic rule to observe is supply and demand...that's GCSE business studies!!!!

...now take note of how the media is used,it's basically a big marketing tool........by looking at slightly more obscure channels and their listings you can gain a competitive edge....once ITV/C4 and auntie start milking it then it's too late.

look at the way it is being used too.people are basically stupid.if you tell someone the same thing often enough they will believe it........it works with bullying,it works with marketing(because marketing preys on peoples inadequacies)

My best channels for investment ideas are sci-fi and bloomberg!!!

...star trek were using mobile phone type stuff in the 60's....so you always get good gadgets.

....if sci fi have thought of them,chances are they are probobly being developed!

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