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Does Anyone Know Anything About Micklefield In Yorkshire ?

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Guest muttley

You would get a better response if you posted this thread on the "What are house prices doing in your area" Forum.

The threads tend to hang around a little longer and you nearly always get a response.

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Yes, I know these houses - they were built a couple of years ago and there always seems to be a lot of for sale and then sold signs on this small development. I'm not sure what the issue is.

The very obvious thing is that you are no more than 50 yards from the A1(M), so you will get a lot of road noise outside, although you probably can't here it inside. Its the main downside I'm afraid.

Micklefield, is a funny kind of village - its split in two, the southern end, which is where this development is, has a reasonably rough council estate, not big, and no where near as bad as it used to be 20 years ago. Its also out of sight and a few hundred yards away. I would say its one of the more affordable villages about, because of its historic reputation. It appears to have been going up market for a fair few years now.

It has a railway station about 200-300 yarsd away from this development, which gets you into Leeds city centre within 15 mins and to York in about 20 mins.

All in all, I think the price is pretty good for this part of the world, given the current state of the market.

Out of curiosity, where are you from and what brings you to this part of Yorkshire?

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Found a very nice house up there, seems very reasonable and somewhere I really want to live (I think).

Will you guys have a look for me ? Does anyone know this area or even better, this estate, is it OK ?

Appreciate it guys.

Great North Road, Micklefield

(postcode LS25)

One flat sold for £450k in june 2005? (all helps with the averages!)



IMO don't buy there yet! looks like a house price crash is going on? (but don't tell the bulls)


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Found a very nice house up there, seems very reasonable

i worry about teacher tim. he keeps posting massively overpriced houses in the yorkshire area and then saying 'what do you think guys ?'

well the same answer as before tim.

its about 40% overpriced....

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The station is the real attraction to the village. It's a short ride to Leeds and crucially, it's within the West Yorks area, with subsidised tickets, and also a train to Leeds will give more chance of a seat that at the later stations of Garforth (x2) and Crossgates.

Buying in an outlying village with an excellent train service is a much smarter idea than buying in a cheap area of Leeds itself, and there are MUCH worse places that you should avoid (Morley, Rothwell etc)

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