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Predictions For The Rest Of The Year.

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1) The Goverment in there infinite wisdom now find that HHSRS has made every residental property in England unfit for human habitation.

2)GB go's ten 3 minute rounds with TB to decide who's going to run the country.

3) GB's Abacus develops a fault and instead of us being 1.5 trillion in debt it works out to 5.1 trillion

4) All BTL's are repocessed by 2 jags to house all the asylum seekers flooding into the country because the Mud Hut rebuilding scheme cannot be finished on time due to using the same contractors who are building Wembley Stadium.

5) Bankruptcies hit an all time high because no f'er got any money to pay their debts

6) Interest rates go up to 20% because the BOE got their sums wrong because they couldn't find the instructions on how to use an abacus.

7) TB decides to resign because whilst doing an interview on Newsnight Jeramy Paxman asks if his cocked the country up and TB says yes.

8) Maggie Thatcher is asked to act as caretaker PM because New Labour couldn't find anyone else to **** the country up even more than what they already have.She's got experience in cocking things up.

9) UK PLC is finally put in the hands of the Official Receiver who then finds out that GB has been cooking the books.

10) GB lose's his front door keys trying to get into 10 Downing Street then forget's that he actually lives at NO11

11) A new law is brought in making bank robberies legal.That will teach the crooked bas-ards who call themselves banks.

12) All private residences are repocessed because no one can pay their mortgages then the goverment turn around and say "Its all a wind up your properties are only worth a third of the value" we cocked up.!!

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13) Holding cash becomes illigal. Plastic will be the only method of payment for all goods.

14) A tax on the word 'and' is introduced. It is thought to raise £billions for the treasury.

15) ID cards are rushed through to prevent the spread of bird flu. They will contain details of your inside leg measurement and your favorite colour.

16) Being blamed for thousands of people living in negative equity, Kirsty Allsop is dealt with under new anti-terror laws. She is shot out of a cannon, into the sun.

17) Gearge Bush Jr serves an historic 4th term in office.

18) To help pay for it's multi trillion dollar deficit, America sells Alaska to China.

19) China discovers that Alaska contains enough sweet crude oil to last 100 years.

18) George Bush Jr delcairs war on China for 'harboring terriers'.

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