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Randall Herbert

Bird Flu Outbreak Coincided With Drill

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Bird Flu Outbreak Coincided With Drill

Foot and Mouth example should set alarm bells ringing if pandemic occurs

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | April 7 2006

Britain's bird flu scare that officials are now warning could spread to other areas of Scotland coincided with an exercise that drilled a response to an avian flu outbreak. The drill included the involvement of Downing Street and the Ministry of Defence.

The BBC reports that the exercise was cancelled as soon as the discovery of the H5 virus in the dead swan in Fife was made.

"The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in London was running it with control centres in Bury St Edmunds, Leeds, Cardiff and Gloucester," states the article.

"It also involved the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Environment Agency, Downing Street, the Ministry of Defence, and other government departments."

The drill revolved around a scenario where bird flu was discovered in two places in England and one in Wales.

Why is this important to note?

Staged-managed manufactured crises are always paralleled by drills of the same nature. This provides culpable deniability if any government agency is caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They can say it was just part of the drill.

Obviously, other organizations like the RSPCA and farming groups would have no knowledge of what the drill is really intended to achieve and at this stage it is just a coincidence. However, if the crisis were to escalate causing Blair's government to start restricting the movement of people then more serious questions would need to be asked. If the next three cases of bird flu popped up in Norfolk, south Wales and northern England, the same places as in the drill, then this would turn into a smoking gun.

A consultancy agency with government and police connections was running an exercise for an unnamed company that revolved around the London Underground being bombed at the exact same times and locations as happened in real life on the morning of July 7th. The statistical probability of these two events coinciding was astronomical. The exercises provided cover in case government involvement in the attacks was proven, although after this website first brought wide attention to the drills on July 13th, that culpable deniability vanished.

Wargames running on the morning of 9/11 simulated planes crashing into high visibility buildings on the US east coast. These drills were enough to confuse air traffic controllers about the real world nature of the actual hijacked planes thereby slowing response times and enabling them to find their targets. In addition the exercises also provided culpable deniability.

Though a bird flu outbreak is in a different league to terrorist bombings, the outcome will eventually be very similar in terms of emergency police state measures rushed through to respond to the situation.

For those who doubt the veracity of a British government plot to once again eviscerate the livelihoods of farmers (the biggest power block opposing Blair) in an act of 'Agraterrorism', just consider the fact that a vial of the Foot and Mouth virus was supposedly 'stolen' from Porton Down bio-weapons facility before the 2001 outbreak took place. The Sunday Express reported that it was released deliberately and could have possibly been the source of the outbreak two months later.

The Foot and Mouth disease spread like wildfire throughout the country as many accused the government of not doing nearly enough to contain it and the spring of 2001 in England was characterized by apocalyptic images of burning pyres (pictured above) dotted all over the countryside as over four million animals were slaughtered.

Coupled with reports of the government making inquiries to timber merchants and sign makers (before closing public footpaths), it is inconceivable that an animal rights activist, as we are led to believe, could have penetrated a level 4 bio-weapons facility that also houses anthrax and ebola and is protected by armed guards of the Ministry of Defence Police and the Military Provost Guard Service. The individual who stole the vial must have had full security clearance to enter the facility. Why would an animal rights activist release a virus that would kill four million animals?

Patricia Doyle, PhD also reported that Foot and Mouth exercises were being run by the British government immediately before the outbreak was made public

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Bird Flu Outbreak Coincided With Drill

Foot and Mouth example should set alarm bells ringing if pandemic occurs

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | April 7 2006

What planet ??


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