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New Report: 40-65 Yr Olds No Longer Constrained Financially

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Cash boom for the middle aged

MIDDLE-aged Britons are achieving financial freedom a decade earlier than their parents did, a report reveals today.
Increasing affluence and the recent house price boom have helped
an estimated 3.5 million of the nation’s 40 to 65-year-olds reach a point where they are no longer constrained by their mortgage or having to support dependent children.
People are now hitting this point at around 50, enabling them to spend their spare cash enjoying life, says savings provider ING Direct.
07 April 2006

At least some have benefited by house inflation. Without mortgages the 40-65 year olds can presumably keep inflation moving along without constraint?

But I thought that FTBs have been buying properties for the last ten years--won't they be unrestrained also? At least as far as HPI has made them wealthier on paper? Surely they can continue MEWing regardless of their age? After all--the Miracle Economy of HPI/MEW was designed for all, wasn't it?


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id be doing alright too if i handt been required to hand over a £100k cash bonus to a boomer to buy their 45k home.

still. ill be charging £245ph pretty soon out of their retirement funds.

easy come - easy go.

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Yesterday I had a conversation with a colleague. He has jsut bought a hosue in Eastern Europe as an investment, and is now morgaged up to the hilt. My reply was, that as I don't own a home, I can now live for 3 years off my savings without having to work. It's nice not being tied into work.

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No, at the expense of other people's children. Everyone in a position to helps their own children out.

Fair point, but I wouldn't put it past some of these greed mongers to sell their own children for a BTL Somerset Cottage with a Freelander parked in the drive.

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