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Supplyside Measures

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here in leprechaun land we are building 85,000 homes per year which is equivalent to 1.2million new homes a year in uk,i hear though the uk are building far less houses than the ratio here. what are government doing about this? why arent builders building more homes? planners? not much land to be developed in prime areas? why dont the governemtn incentivise builders to ramp up more production? get a load of eastern european builders over to get the buildings up,a massive home building expansion could be good for economic growth too!

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Because of one thing; the nimbies!

They rule the British establishment throughout, from top to bottom and right across all political hues, it's a golden thread that runs through all parties and agencies and the dogma is supported by each for their own selfish reasons. Even to this day all is determined by an arcane planning act passed by Mr Attlee's government in 1947.

On the otherhand Ireland has rather more rational planning laws, unfortunately this is more than offset by the affect of irrationally low interest rates coupled with a seemingly even more irrational population :)

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