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Leaks And Leeks

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Im getting a bit tired of all this sp called "leaks" that are used now to issue some bad news in anyway .

Just today the bbc can "exclusively" reveal about the welsh capitals school closures plan.

Seems to me this crap of a sneaky little leak or preview of a plan is entirely meant and a way to test public perception to a idea that might prove controversial, then onced theve gauged how its gonna pan out for them they can then deny this is the final draft or ssay its just an idea or thus admit its all true and this is realy there plan.

It seems there is nothing at all now that dont come out first in a "leak"

Surely if they didnt want all theses ideas leaked out there should be loads of stories of sackings and people in government getting fired for devulging information there privy too.But no they probably get promoted.

So lets get it straight now and call a leak what it realy is ie a release of information to the public to guage there feeling on it before the official date, and not some secret whistleblower in a BHS suit in a dark office with political tendancies.

Sick to heck of the way the public is being conned by these assholes

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i know what you mean. its hard to believe the newspapers or tv progs anymore. does even newsnights paxo still pack a punch ? or does even he stink of btl ????

its so obvious from here at the sharp end, but alas. joe mamma cant see it.

they just see jordan and pete and say yes to virgin credit cards.

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