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Randall Herbert

Bird Flu Being Tested In Scotland

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What a coincidence.....

On the very day that the UK is conducting a major Bird FLu excercise a non migratory bird dies in the Poll Tax and anthrax testing ground of Scotland of something called H5.........strain to be determined....

Nu Labour were conducting a full on accident response terrorist exercise in London on 7/7 which involved a hypotehetical scenario of islamic bombs exploding on the underground at the very same stations in which they did on that same day..... ?????

911 - NORAD/Bush/Cheney were conducting a full on exercise on the day of the 911 'attacks' which featured the imaginary scenario of islamic terrorists hijacking airliners and crashing them into buildings.....??????

Odds are???

Why did H5N1 suddenly become a hot topic item in our news over the past year? Why were we told that it was inevitable that it would land here? Hardly a threat considering more people die in car crashes.

Are they just having a spot of bother getting it to mutate properly?

Tell me I'm mad.

Be very scared

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