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Stupidity Test In Sheffield

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Check this out:

Its on at offers around 395, which up here means they are expecting 10% over that to take it off the market.

(The offers over thing wicks me off here and is another bugbear).

It sold for 360 a bit over a year ago.

We all know whats happened to the market since :)

Yet the agent values it, with the vendor, at 10-20% over this.

They have done nothing in this time.

It was a refurb when they bought it.

I cant wait to see what fool buys it.

Oh and I have had my 3 monthly smug call to the agent, one of the many I hate here, to suggest its overpriced. Predictably they are bullish.


thats why....

...... I_Hate

PS (Edit)

Hi again

I forgot to make my point.

Which is that the land reg data is available in seconds so what kind of mug will pay that now?

And my call to the agent confirmed that the market is Sheffield is different than the rest of the country and that also all of their property is going for above asking.

So if you fancy a laugh....

Ask em why these 2 alone have been for sale for a year

The second was off the market for a month when it was on at 675, then they put it back at a higher price!

Go figure



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Anyone paying those prices for those properties are looking to loose a lot of money. Nothing has changed in the fundimentals to make these prices sensible/sustainable. The next 12 months is going to be interesting.

730K is Surrey prices not South Yorkshire. The natural balance (market) will be restored shortly.

Pablo silver or Lead?

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Any property in, around or even near Sheffield that is offers over 395 has got to have a swimming pool a paddock and a trout river.

Where is the rest of this properties details? :unsure:

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