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Jet2 Condemns French Strike

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Jet2.com condemns French Strike Action and calls for lazy frogs to get back to work!

Thousands of people throughout the country are today cursing the French Air Traffic Control Strikers for ruining their holiday/business plans.

On behalf of every holiday maker & business person heading overseas today that has been indefinitely delayed due to this strike action, our boss Philip Meeson puts the following questions to the French:

* What exactly are you striking about? Or just in case you don’t understand that “pouvez-vous nous expliquer pourquoi exactement êtes-vous en grève...?”

Typical French, if they really want to piss somebody off why don't they go beat some Iraqi kids up, like we Brits do. :ph34r:

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"like we Brits do"

Maybe you should walk around places like Leicester or Bradford and then tell us who is attacking who.

Ops sorry it racist to point this out even when it's true don't you think Catch 22

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