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Explain This Where Is The Hpc

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where is the HPC

Yeah, Skidrow-on-Sea [aka Brighton] is really booming! - they're flying off the shelves!!!

If ever there was a credit card town [oops - sorry that should be 'city' :blink: ] that manifests all that is Flash Gordon's miracle economy its Brighton, and will be hit hard by the downturn. In a few years, I see it returning to it's natural Hastings-esque stature.

FYI - a friend has been trying to sell her house, nice place, popular location [close to station for comuting to London], since September last year. She took it off market recently as there was so little interest, even though she was trying to tell me the "market was really taking off"! :lol::lol:

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Guest Winners and Losers

you all might as well block your ears, ignore the outside world and live in your chosen reality.

Fingers in ears - not listening, not listening ;)

I think it is all to do with your initial post. How come people can't get it through their heads? You come to a site called HPC and post - look at how much these places are and they are flying off the shelves!!!

Just like emails, messages on forums are left largely open to misinterpretation, therefore you have to include some 'tone' in the message and make it doubly clear what the point you are trying to make actually is. It would also help if you introduced yourself a bit in your first post and explained your situation, otherwise you do unfortunately come across as a troll with no valid point to prove except that you have a vested interest in rising property prices. Happy in our chosen reality? Reality being the 'key word' - you betcha bottom dollar!

Oooohh - Look! I'm a HPC Veteran!

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