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Inflation=government Theft

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whenever you hear "government want low inflation"

It's a blatant lie. all governments love inflation. infact they create it themselves.

This statement translates to.....

government want low government-theft.

which is actually a paradoxical statement.

Whenever you hear the term inflation, convert it to "government theft".

Go to that abelard inflation site if you don't understand why.

All governments do this throughout the world. This is not a political post.

I think it was originally the japanese or chinese a few thousand years ago who realised how easy it was to simply steal off their citizens by simply printing more of it (free for themselves - thereby devaluing what was already out there).

99% of people will never understand inflation. That's why it is such a good scam.

probably our hapless PM doesn't understand it either.

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I can think of some counterarguments for this.

1) Banks create most of the new money supply these days, not governments. The amount of actual government created notes/coins is miniscule, most money is numbers on deposit.

2) Money supply increase is not of its nature inflationary for basic goods and services, as traders in a competitive economy strive to keep prices low. Interest bearing debts are inflationary as they force a disparity between the money a company must charge for its goods and the amount distributed into the economy via salaries and purchases. See the writings of Clifford Douglas etc. It does of course create asset bubbles which may in some instances create inflationary tendences (houses!).

3) Inflation increases many government outgoings, and to finance these it may force government to increase taxes, which isn't popular.

On the other hand, inflation does serve to devalue government debt.

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