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Mail On Sunday - Article By William Rees-mogg

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I can't find the link - but if you can get hold of the Mail on Sunday - read this article. Common sense article outlining the rise in prices and the unsustainability of the constant rises. I'm going to look for the link again -can anyone else find it.

He even mentions "the boom which may turn out to be a BUBBLE"

This is a full page article headed up " Bungalows at £450 - those were the days"

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William Really-smug's article can be read at 'Why we have got to build a better Great Britain':


The London house-price phenomenon must have been inflated by a whole pyramid of purchasers, leveraging themselves from mortgage to mortgage and from house to house. In the Wall Street of 1929 this was known as buying pig on pork. The Wall Street pyramid of 1929 ended in collapse. When an ordinary couple have to borrow £1 million to buy an ordinary London house, one may suspect that the London housing market is becoming equally unstable.

Also at 'Bungalows at Pounds 450...Those Were the Days':


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William R-M is a very wealthy ,very right wing ''Daily Telegraph '' type and I think it is in fact very encouraging that someone of this type is at all cynical and scathing of HPI.....in the way he is in the article.

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