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The Zen Of Selling Houses

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I think I read somewhere that if a Buddist wants to become "enlightened", then this may happen at any time. A Buddhist But importantly for this analogy, a Buddhist never gets closer to being enlightened, i.e. someone who has meditated for 20 years is no closer to or more likely to become enlightened than someone who has just started.

Doesn't the same apply to selling houses?

Billy Shears

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I like the analogy. To carry it further...

If a Buddist lowers his threshold of enlightenment, does he become more likely to be enlightened, at the risk of the quality of his enlightenment. If sentiment on enlightenement falls, can he experience that flash of insight, but actually end up less enlightened than when he started, so entering a period of 'negative enlightenment'.

Or maybe I could do with a drink - yes, I think this more likely....


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