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Another Big Financial Player To Raise I R

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Indian interest rates seen hardening - industry group

Sun Apr 2, 2006 1:41 PM IST

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Several Indian bankers and firms
expect a hardening of interest rates
, and want the Rerve Bank of India (RBI) to slash the percentage of deposits that banks are required to keep as cash with the central bank, a survey showed on Sunday.
The research, conducted by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), one of the country's leading industry lobby groups, said the RBI should reduce the cash reserve ratio (CRR) by 50 basis points to ease tight liquidity.
Of the 52 survey respondents, 85 percent were bankers, nine percent were from financial institutions, and six percent from the corporate sector.
Analysts say costly crude oil and the
prospect of firmer U.S. rates were likely to put pressure on the RBI
to tighten monetary policy.


31 Mar 2006 11:14 GMT Bank of Taiwan Upgrades Deposit, Lending Rates On Central Bank Hike

TAIPEI -(Dow Jones)- Bank of Taiwan said Friday it will raise its deposit and lending rates effective Monday, after the central bank raised key interest rates by 12.5 basis points Thursday.
Bank of Taiwan will increase time deposit rates by 7 basis points and its basic lending rate by 9.3 basis points, the bank said in a statement.

And another, not so big player:


Central Bank of Jordan raises key interest rates by 25 basis points
Jordan Times - 02/04/2006
AMMAN (Petra) — Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) Governor Umayya Touqan decided on Saturday to raise key interest rates by 25 basis points on monetary policy instruments.

Looks like Gordon "Miracle Economy" Brown may be all alone in the world very soon as he weighs his bid for No. 10 against the tide of higher rates that is sweeping the world. :o

Australia looks like its hiking IR despite plunge in House prices:


Weekly Outlook: RBA Interest Rates Unlikely To Stop Aussie’s Tumble

Friday, 31 March 2006

Written by DailyFX Research Team
The Australian dollar made a clearly defined heave to the upside last week after multiple weeks of steady decline. In a two-day span, the currency soared 135 pips on strong consumption and housing data. As
Australia’s real estate market takes an undeniable plunge
, last week’s surprise in the housing and construction industry came unexpectedly. This could potentially have initiated a rebound for the aussie.

TTRTRates :o

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I heard Brown's brother is a big shot at the BBC. He certainly seems to be stepping up the tempo


Voters 'want Blair resignation'

Tony Blair

Mr Blair has seen his popularity plummet in recent months

Most voters believe Tony Blair should resign as prime minister within a year, according to a News of the World poll.


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