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There seems to be an epidemic of layoff stories at the moment. Is the rise in unemployment going exponential? Are we being told the whole truth?

550 jobs will go from the DHL Exel supply warehouse (blog)

Electronics company Saia-Burgess announced yesterday that 215 jobs are to go at its Gateshead factory as it moves production to Poland and China (blog)

Workspace Office Solutions, in Haverhill, and the possibility of more than 300 jobs being axed (blog)

Some 105 jobs have been lost after a greetings card company based in Greater Manchester went into administration (blog)

Union leaders have warned of more than 100 job cuts at Scottish Enterprise as the economic development agency seeks to address financial difficulties (blog)

Trust cuts 150 jobs at hospitals, A hospital trust in Staffordshire has become the latest to announce job cuts in an effort to save costs (blog)

Fifty jobs at a Shropshire aluminium rolling mill have become the latest victims of rising energy prices (blog)

Some 250 jobs are to be axed by a west London council over claims of a £5.3m shortfall in asylum seeker grants (blog)

Soaring gas prices will lead to 7,000 layoffs in plastics sector (Sunday Times 26th Feb)

The chairman of Cable&Wireless has told staff to expect 'hell for the next 12 months', as it restructures and targets very large customers rather than small fry..... John Pluthero has already warned staff that 485 positions have been earmarked for the axe. (http://news.zdnet.co.uk/communications/0,39020336,39254463,00.htm)

Gordon Brown was forced on to the defensive over his Budget as the number of job cuts threatened in the National Health Service passed the 3,500 mark. (http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/politics/article353282.ece)

20,000 job cuts forecast as more NHS hospitals join critical list (http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,8122-2101157,00.html)

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The government have been fiddling the unemployment measurement for ages.... whats new.... apart from loads of job losses and little job creation due to a bubble house market sucking in cash that would have been productively employed in the UK economy.

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Ahhh but all of the skilled job losses are more than balanced by Asda creating some part time check out jobs at near minimum wage.

Don't forget noolabour have got rid of boom and bust (replaced by ******** maybe)

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