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Retrospectively Looking At Moneyweek Share Buys

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£2000 on each weekly advised buy and held for 3 months then sold.

Has anyone done the maths. Would you be ahead?

Maybe this thread could be retitled to 'the lazy investment thread' :)

I've wondered much the same myself - I'd really like it if you did the maths and told me your conclusions.

Being a lazy bugger, I've also been thinking about just buying stocks when directors buy, as logic tells me that they more than any tipster should know when somethings about to go up. Is this a decent investment strategy, or is it a surefire way into getting manipulated?

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£2000 on each weekly advised buy and held for 3 months then sold.

Not very scientific, but if you think about the 'buy' cover stories over the past year or so - Uranium, Silver, Gold, Debt etc - I think their record has been pretty impressive. It will be interesting to see if their predictions on prperty are as accurate [g].

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