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Here's an interesting blog for you that Iswiped from bricks and mortar supplement of The Times.


It's the online blog of an estate agent.

The weary musings of a time-served estate agent (realtor) somewhere in the UK. If you want advice on the property market, or alternative careers to this one, let me know, I might reply. In the meantime I'm plagued by cretinous idiots who I work with and for, and who may well feature in my diary at some time.

Not had time to read much of it but it could provide a valuable insight!


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Brilliant, I had tears rolling down my face:

As an encouragement to hit that link above, a choice quote below:

Some of the people I work with now had barely been ejaculated when the last meltdown occurred, so they believe naively, that the market will continue defying history and the laws of economics and keep merrily chugging upwards, some of their fellow sperm are obviously advising the chancellor.

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Still only half-way down the page. Liked this:

"I’ve seen shared equity schemes before, they don’t work and create second class housing in ghettos where the owners just want to release their equity and get out, what is really needed, whisper it softly, is a good old fashioned property crash but nobody dare say so."

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Guest Bart of Darkness
But then I lived through the late eighties early nineties crash and believe me, even as it was starting to happen, well respected commentators were still in denial and pooh-poohing talk of values falling.

Yup, plenty of that here from the bulls and turncoats.

I read at the weekend that one of the property websites has seen average asking prices in the capital rise to over £300,000. That apparently means your average buyer – yet to meet one of those – needs to be earning £82k a year to afford it. You do the maths.

It's all about affordability these days y'know, not income multiples. ;)

Now had a chance to digest the Chancellor’s largesse with our money and give an appropriate response -complete boll0cks.

It’s never any different, soak the poor mugs that are easy targets, the ones that show up on speed cameras, pay their hiked water charges and energy charges, who have seen their council tax payable rise by 100% in five years. The saps that cough more on petrol, road fund licence, insurance tax, because they made the mistake of providing for themselves and who when driven to drink and nicotine consumption get clobbered on that every year too. The mugs that saw their pension funds disappear faster than the free bar at a wedding. And it’s not as if I’m a raving right-winger -I rave naturally - but you know the next lot in will be just as incompetent. There’s more sleaze in Westminster than on a stag weekend in Amsterdam and this affliction can’t be cured by a swift course of penicillin.

All right, which one of us has been writing this stuff?

Surely people in the "real" world can't think like us "doom mongerers" [sic]

Not that I’m overly sympathetic of developers, they are a nightmare to deal with generally and not adverse to offering you sweeteners if you can shovel a piece of land their way at a knockdown price. Backhanders are rife in the industry and I’ve heard of villas in Spain, envelopes full of cash that a Premiership team manager might even blush over, offers of female company, or male if that’s your preference, right down to the more traditional schmoozing of big ticket sports events on the corporate slush fund circuit.


You read it here first, assuming there’s anyone out there. Home Information Packs, or HIP’s, an acronym for Hilariously Incompetent Pratt-Up. Or something similar, answers on a postcard. Once again the Emperor is stark-bollock naked and nobody dares point it out. The law of unintended consequences, coming soon to a chunk of ill thought out meddlesome legislation near you.

Great stuff.

Wonder how he finds the TIME to write it though, what with the housing market being so bouyant at the moment.

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One bearish EA doesn't prove or disprove anything, but his blog is a very good read indeed. I look forward to reading back through it all. Thanks for pointing us at it.

Andrew McP

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Guest struthitsruth


Quite a find ! Thanks to the OP

especially tasty . . . . .

The response: ‘Lady If I knew the future I wouldn’t be cosying up to you in this flea-pit, I’d be down at the betting shop’, wasn’t going to elicit a new instruction for our register, so I mumbled some vague platitudes and dodged the question like a seasoned politician.


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This guy deserves a sticky. The funniest thing I've read on the interweb this week. I love the description of the flat with the sewerage problem.

And a new euphemism for Gordon Clown - The Scots highwayman. I love it.

Edited by greencat

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