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You need to add a decimal place btw.

Assuming you really do mean official CPI and not headline inflation which is a lot higher, I would say that it's around 2.4%.

The country's being governed by Champagne Socialists afterall...

No, this poll has been done before it is 5-8%

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Lets see:

Gas bills: 20%+

Electricity Bills: 15%+

Local Buses (in my area): 20% [they added 20p onto a £1 ticket - sustainable transport plan my ar5e]

Council Tax: 8% last year 4-5% this year

Groceries: Dunno, but it seems to cost far more than it did last year and I'm getting thinner.

Diesel: Was paying 86p a litre last year, this year its 92p.... nearly 7%.

TV License: Isn't that going up well above inflation??

And just to note: I haven't bought a DVD player, MP3 player, TV, computer or any other cheap foreign electronics this year.

I'd say 'my' inflation (as it contains mainly essentials - can't be arsed spending these days, shopping and consumerism is so passe) is around 10% maybe even a little more as the above represent my largest expenses after rent (and that has gone up 4% - but from a very good price :P ).

Be nice when they raise rates and bring REAL inflation back downwards, or let CPI measure what living really costs so I can get a better pay rise.

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