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I didn't notice anything either. My kid went to school as normal. OH went to work as normal.

Erm...if they keep striking and nobody notices won't this sort of highlight the worth (or lack of worth) of large sections of the public sector.

Was watching SKY most of the day (had it on in the background while working) and I had to laugh at the guy who kept calling them public 'servants'. Also - most of the emails and coverage was very negative.

I admire them for standing up for their 'rights' but I am not sure they have as much public support as they think.

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Guest horace

When the strikers receive their pay statements at the end of the month and see one day`s pay deducted they may lament.


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Somehow the whole country seems to have run very smoothly today. Why this is? Am I missing something?

I think I may be missing something too. I thought this forum was supposed to be about house prices!!!

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