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David Walker, an American chap is on there now arguing that the U.S. is heading for a financial crisis.

Worth watching !

Yeah, he's a good guy, he came over to the UK a couple of weeks ago to do a lecture, he was on Radio 4. I wish our establishment had some open and forthright people.

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As it was first shown around 5am, I did post this yesterday morn on the 'America Is Bankrupt, The fudging of Fed stats' thread & had a link to it that seem to have died so I removed it. Shall try to find another link.

Edit: Theres a link to latest prog on bbc hardtalk homepage http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/hardtalk/


"Monday 27 March

Some believe that America, the richest, most powerful nation on earth may face a fiscal “tsunami” which threatens to overwhelm Government and citizens alike. America’s auditor in chief, David Walker, whose job it is to oversee all Federal spending, strongly believes that this will happen. He is pleading with US politicians and taxpayers to face up to the harsh economic realities that come with an ageing population and spiralling budget deficits. Stephen Sackur talks to David Walker about whether such an economic disaster really is so close at hand."

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