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Brown To Axe Odpm - Prescott Is An Embarassment

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Interesting take on Brown's scheming to become PM how will this affect Prescotts housing plans?

Campaign for an English Pariament - ODPM Axed

Gordon Brown is really chomping at the bit following Tony Blair's admission that it was a mistake to say that he would not serve another full term.

On Friday the Times was agonising over who could possibly replace John Prescott as the Deputy Prime Minister:

The Foreign Secretary is English, which is a sine qua non of the next deputy. John Reid and Alistair Darling are automatically ruled out, as Labour could not be led by two Scottish men. But many women are also arguing that the perfect complement to a Scottish man would be an English woman.

Then on Sunday the Scotsman informed us that Gordon Brown was to scrap the position of Deputy Prime Minister.

GORDON Brown plans to stamp his authority on the post-Blair political landscape by governing without a deputy if, as expected, he succeeds the Prime Minister into 10 Downing Street before the next election.

The Chancellor is set to scrap the traditional post of Deputy Prime Minister, in a clear signal that he is in no mood to use the Cabinet position as a unifying force between political wings of his future ministerial teams.

Amid all the reports of institutionalised bullying and failure it is not a great leap of imagination to expect the Office of Deputy Prime Minister to be scrapped entirely. It is no secret that the department has become a source of embarrassment to many in the Government. Which begs the question, 'who will be in charge of the 'English regions' and devolution to England?'

In the Herald Iain MacWhirter speculates that Ming - 'no coalition' - Campbell could well step into the role of deputy. With the Lib Dems keen on Constitutional reform, and with Simon Hughes as Lib Dem spokesman for constitutional affairs and Ming Campbell expressing support for an English constitutional convention, it's an intruiging proposition for a Scottish Prime Minister that will be bedevilled by the West Lothian Question, a Conservative majority in England, and increased pressure for PR and Lords reform.

I can’t see Campbell being particularly keen on dealing with the Conservatives – the chemistry is wrong. And then there is the Scottish dimension. After the next election, the Tories are likely to have a majority of seats in England. The clamour on the Tory benches will be for an end to Scottish meddling in English affairs, so they are unlikely to want a Scottish MP dictating the terms of a coalition.

The LibDems support federalism, but not by this particular route. So, it looks like the “two old men of Fife” as Cameron once styled them, could be deciding the fate of the country in the departure lounge. The Turnhouse talks have already begun.

Axing the position, and department, of the deputy prime minister, and inviting a Lib Dem into cabinet with a remit for constitutional affairs might just give Brown some respite from what he sees as the hoary old English Question.


There is a link to a poll in which 86% believe he should never be PM :)

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