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More Sh@gging Required ....

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So, here's a fresh approach to economics that will be introduced to the monthly MPC meeting.

Perhaps we should put bromide in his wife's tea, so he gets no sex, then he'll be really grumpy at the MPC and vote to send IRs soaring.


"Money, Sex and Happiness'' was published in the Scandinavian Journal of Economics in 2004, and was co-written by Blanchflower and Andrew Oswald of Warwick University in the U.K. "

Andrew Oswald has been predicting HPC for some years - so what that means for IR who can tell. At least the new MPC member knows someone who understands the house price debate.

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Guest Bart of Darkness
Blanchflower's paper attempts to quantify how much happier making love makes you. ``Having sex at least four times a week is associated with approximately 0.12 happiness points.'' I'm not clever enough to work out exactly what that means; I'll have to rely on the assertion in the paper that it's ``a large effect.''

Had Blanchflower's wife not had an adulterous affair with another woman I might be tempted to take his claims on sexual happiness more seriously. :)

"Blanchflower's paper attempts to quantify how much happier making love makes you".

If you're being made love to by Blanchflower the answer would seem to be "not very". :(

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Great, lets hope the ladies can pop one out in between their visits to the photocopier, not even the most misogynistic of males can afford to keep their girl away from the coal face, the x8 multiple mortgage doesn't allow for it ;)

Hrm, the Beeb are onto it. I have a solution! lightbulb.gif, ideally we need three people in each partnership, two people to send out to work and one to stay at home, we can make things fair, the third person could be of either sex as determined by a toss of a coin. I also propose setting up a business selling coins with a head on both sides. <_<

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