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Cant Bear Waiting?

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Feb 11 2006, 02:11 PM

Roger Platt's office in Wokingham has just closed. Not re-locating - sign in window says 'enquiries to Maidenhead'.

They are part of Sequence Homes - big corporate. Cannot cut the mustard in Wokingham - independents have it sewn up. Haarts have been here and gone. Connells likewise.

Mann & Co (Countrywide) will be next.


Feb 18 2006, 08:57 AM

I read that George Soros and Warren Buffet both believe the insane borrowing and trade imbalance that the USA is currently 'enjoying' must lead to severe downward pressure on the US dollar. i.e. that Interest Rate rises to protect the dollar - possibly dramatic ones if a crash scenario develops - are INEVITABLE.

I have to say - if you think medium term (say 2 to 5 years) that we are going to continue having low interest rates - I think you are nuts. George Soros made a billion pounds forcing us out of the ERM. Wonder what position he has on the dollar?

AND YET.......

Marina Posted on: Today, 01:42 PM

What is really scary is that you are so convinced you are right, your mindset is so conditioned by your beliefs in the infallability of your constructs - you never stop for one moment to wonder if you have not taken something into account.

Your belief in economic cycles is touchingly naive. Why not consider, for once, what is different this time? A belief in economic cycles makes no allowance for changes in society or for changes in the elements that make up the cycle.

IF house prices ever return to 3.5 times average salary - or whatever you believe is the long term average (over whatever term you choose, I suppose) - it will be because certain factors caused them to. Not because they have to. IF they don't - say in the next 10 years - then it is reasonable to think the long term average has changed.

Given current interest rates, current earnings, current house prices and the current demand/supply ratio - eonough people seem to be able to afford property so the market carries on regardless of your beliefs.

I am old enough to have seen it all before and not daft enough to think that history HAS to repeat itself.


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