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Uk Public Councils In Action

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watching the usual force feed of environment junk which is usually on a sunday morning.

starts with countryfile telling us how bad farmers have it in their nice farmhouses, and how we all need to knucle down and help them live nice by rejecting competitive meat and paying more for local produce.

(as this has more costs associated with it. i.e. transport and storage ?) it usually ends up by lunchtime with car emissions and folding bike talk from a wiry fit 45 year old cycle to the office type, while the real crowd of normal people pass by in a red bus. walkmans ablaze. mobile phones hot texting nonsense for nothing to nobodys.

yeah right ??

give it four hours and the next batch of programs comes on. the mass media public programs. the jetsetting, texting, 4x4ing, prize winning, long haul flight taking programs. the glamour the spending, the lifestyling. the make overs, the cooking with 'flavours' ohh the 'flavours'. thats flavours from chile, packed into tins and flown halfway around the world to produce these so called...'flavours'. mmm the 'texture'. look at the 'flavours'. they even use a gas blowtortch to get the 'crispy' tops to the merrangues. the simon cowells jetting here there and everywhere in huge trousers. the huge blingy cars. the limos. the fossil eating lighting and power trucks. the satelite link ups. space junk and millions of plastic dvd disks with hollywood burned on them.

then at ad time we get bombarded by vio-shock look hair gels and sprays and fake tans and disposable faces. shock looks. face creams in plastic jars and needless plugs of the ultimate driving experience. not just food. fancy packaged frozen food. with extra dyes in them. plastic windows and heavily financed vauxhaul miveras with upwardly mobile adults acting as innocent as children. all of these products will not just disappear. they all get landfilled in the bitter end.

so our councils take action against global warming.?

they dispatch a 20 tonne lorry to collect 1/2lb of glass. oh but they 'recycle'. course they do. then they approve a second runway as its good for local commerce and will put wigan on the glabal map. if you so much as leave a bio degradable dog turn abandoned on a out of the way hedgeway, a fat mid forties dayglow man apprears from an lpg van and issues a fine with a plastic wrapper. before handing over some more plastic bags to put the turds in, so another 20 tonne truck can collect them and drive them to an incinerator. with all this i am suprised they dont offer air miles with recycled cans. they could add a few more council jobs running the dept. just add it to the 'over the rate of inflation' poll tax bill.

with all this keystone cops administration, how the F do you think these owner occupier public service clowns can solve the current housing problem.?

this kind of intel presents to you the part ownership schemes as a fair solution. somehow common sense eludes them. and they drool at the thought of 'keyworker' inequality advancements. think about the new non jobs and the huge admin budget to run it. anything but lose the amassed 'weath' in property values thats keeping everyone sweet.

i think while 80% of this country are alright jack as regards house inflation. they are 80% winners. they will not offer anything other than a continuation of the money pot formula. only financial pressure or a recession will stop this ingrained madness. these people could not, and do not want to end the party. dont expect any workable ideas to come from this from them.

the envoroment is the same as housing.

only out of control events will change things.

their own solutions are laughable.

but thats alright, because you cant smoke in scottish pubs.

we will do the looking out for you,. we will sell you the fags in the first place. and enjoy the tax, but you cant smoke in public as roy castle blew a trumpet in some smoke once in 1961 and it killed him you b@stards..!!!

poor roy.

your dog poop is killing my child.....

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