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Where To From Here?

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Since about 2006 I have found myself reading fewer and fewer of the threads here.

The debates and market observations have become highly repetitive.

I know some will not want to read this, and will rubbish me and my comment because I am saying so.

And I will be the first to admit that my reaction may be simply due to the fact that I have hung out here for such a long time.

But for those who want to listen, I think that this is a real issue. HPC will slide into irrelevance for many of its historical readers and posters if we do not make an effort to take the debate into a fresh direction.

What am I suggesting?

+ Become more aware of the issue. Consider that the same old debates bo not need to be repeated and rehashed forever. Give those who want to become acquainted with the debate a place to go to read historical postings on it.

+ Divide the board into topic areas. Many here are interested in: the general economy, investment opportunities, historical influences, etc. Those could become topic headings to channel specific interest, and maybe thereby raise the quality and content of the average posting.

+ Argue from facts where possible. Attack other less, and present the facts behind your own arguments, where possible. Get in the habit of doing research (on Google or wherever) to back up your statements.

+ Bring the facts out in postings or sections where they can be accessed more easily

THESE ARE just off the top of my head. I am sure others here will come up with better suggestions.

Please accept this posting (from the number 2 most active poster on HPC) in the constructive way that it is intended. Thank you.

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