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Emailed Bliar.....

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RE: House Prices

In 1997 Gordon Brown promised the country he would not let house prices get out of control.

Can you explain how he has managed to do just that?

I'm 31 this year, still living at home with my parents, I don't agree with renting, refuse to sink myself up to my neck in debt to get on the ladder and refuse to share ownership of a house with the government or a house builder.

Where do I go from here?

You are letting single people/couples down, these are the people who will bare offspring to support us all in our old age, by letting the housing market get out of control like this you have bought bedlam to the future of this country.

A nasty crash in asset prices is what I want now, if it means recession and a risk to my job then I'll take that risk - the playing field needs to be levelled and that's the only way.

Gordon Browns "Miracle Economy", built on nothing more then cheap money and debt, The party will end at some point and you will be held accountable.

Boom and Bust!

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hes probably reading it right now and thinking...mm..y'know, that boom and bust guy might just be onto something....

[ring]...gordon. get in here. look at this...we gotta sort out the people from the politics...

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Dear Frozen Out

Many thanks for your letter on 25th March.

In normal circumstances David Blunkett had the job of reading the mail from the electorate, however as he is going to be away for a couple more months I am going to reply myself.

The message given to the electorate was a stable economy, balanced with equality and social justice.

I would like to point out that in India we have a great many problems, and the same can be said of Africa. Poverty, Crime, Social Deprivation, Ghetto's, all these cost money to resolve. So to be true to our word of Social Justice for all we have had to direct the funds to the battle fronts.

However we have a problem, the countries we aim to help have very bad governments, so we need to bring those people over to the UK in order to make the right balances.

As I have said many times before, its about choices. Do we waste money on ungratefull British Taxpayers, or do we populate with those who really matter and will tick the right box come election time.

House Prices are not within our remit, and I quite agree that Gordon was speaking out of hand when he mentioned those words no more boom to bust. In fact to go further, I have some bad news leaks ready to hand closer to the election that will sink Gordons ship for good.

I would like to thank you for you letter, I wish I could do more for you. But given that you do not own a business, and are not in a position to make a loan there is very little I can do for you at this stage.

Kindest Sincerest Regards


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dear frozen out.

thanks for your email. the sad truth is this:

to keep my job i have to appeal to the largest majority. thats uk homeowners.

if i can keep 80% of the population sweet as a nut with house inflation then ill keep going.

granted theres a price to pay. someone has to cover all that equity release they are spending on holidays, cars and kitchens. sadly, its you. by the time your numbers grow enough to matter in an election. say 5 more years, ill be out of here anyway.

until then, its too bad.



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to keep my job i have to appeal to the largest majority.

Actually he only needs to appeal to a small minority: swing voters in marginal constituencies. It's to them that most policies from all three major parties are targeted.

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