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I'm Happy How About You?

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I think things are going as predicted, though my impatience goads me.

Sadly our debt is massive and there is the real truth of the 'economy'. If through the undestanding of this our debt can lessen then the banks have less control of our future.

And this is an important role in the HPC forum.

I am so much less indebted due to much information on this site it would blow your mind, i.e. because I did not buy a house 2 years ago and can save I am £25K less in debt than I would be if I wanted to buy then.

This paid on interest would be at £1.80 on the £. and equates to £45K less debt to the banks, good night and thank you.


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I have never liked being in debt, and have always been a saver.

I do things the "old fashioned way" I save up for something then buy it.

Until I started reading this forum I thought I was a bit strange, as evrybody else I know seems to spend there life shopping for new clothes, and when they buy a new car they're already planning the next one !

I hate shopping especially for clothes, some people call me tight, but I claim I am just "carefull" and I always buy my round !!

I just hope this frugal way of living pays off one day.

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I have never liked being in debt, and have always been a saver.

Same here, thanks to my parents teaching me the value of money.

Sadly we do seem to be in a significant minority these days. It's a mark of how society has handed more and more power of our lives over to the banks.

Since it's extremely hard to avoid a mortgage, then it's the only form of debt I really don't mind.

It's just that I have a problem paying 2x what someone did for the same slice of bricks and mortar just a few years ago.

I thought I was going mad too until I found this site. It's nice to be amongst the like-minded.

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