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What Is There To Look Forward To This Week.

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I would consider the last week to be bearisssshhhhhhhh

I do have the feeling things are just starting to boil over...

My sons college is closed one day soon (not sure when) as UNISON are striking and the college cannot guarantee his safety. My wifes friend has been moaning to my wife about being fed up with companies going bust owing them money.

The staff at work are complaining about the cost of living.

New landlord rules over the horizon.


Another of the wifes friends bought a new car and a new computer and on top of that 2, yes 2, foreign holidays last year. Whats happened so far to the this year. Well, the cars gone...he lost his job...now works in tesco, the computers out of date and the holidays...you guessed...it's Wales this year (not really foreign is it).

At the time my wife was moaning about not having the foreign holidays etc. Not heard her moaning about going to Wales.

SO, 12 months ago I was just listening to gloating about house prices. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Look how well we have done BLAH BLAH BLAH

But now it's all gone and in it's place there's moaning and guess what...to quote the carpenters 'It's only just begun'

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This is why I'm very reluctant to talk to anyone about my housey situation, because I need to "use" people as sentiment indicators!


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What's to look forward this week?

28th March the Fed will be considering raising interest rates. The smart money says it is highly likely. Any increase will put considerable pressure,over time, on sterling, making an increase in our rates more than likely sooner rather than later.

That, IMO, is something worth looking forward to. I believe we shall be at a crossroads on 28/3.

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