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The Masked Tulip

New Landlord Regs And Asbos?

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Having been woken at 3AM by the students in the BTL next door smashing EA signs in the back garden and one hanging more out of a first floor window than in - one crying and wailing loudly like a baby, the other shouting and swearing very aggressively... and myself asking them to keep quiet resulting in threats to "come outside"...

The Police came and told me that they were going to issue all the occupants with an ASBO. I know from neighbours, that whilst I was focussed on looking after my Mum in hospital over the last few months, that there were a number of incidents when the Police were called... and in the past few weeks I have been woken by people being thrown against the party wall and foul aggressive language from one student asking another for a fight whilst making as much use of the f-word as possible...

Anyhow, what affect will this ASBO, assuming it was served, on the occupants? Equally importantly, what responsibility do the new landlord regs put on the behaviour of their tennants? I rang the landlord this morning, explained the situation and he apologised and said he was going to call the Police to findo ut what went on. I told him that I could no longer put up with these students there and would take legal action to have them removed if they stayed beyond this academic year.



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