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As a profiteer of property over the past 10 years and slowly digesting all comments from this forum and other sources I have formed an opinion.

Anyone thinking of buying in the next five years is insane.

Stack up the evidence, look at sentiment and think logic.

BTl is a complete waste of time now, and I have been involved since 94.

The North is about to enter the abyss bigtime.

TV property programs are soon to be gone, no doubt replaiced by a new fad.

Think about our situation in the UK. It's over for property for the short term. Smart money will be hedging or selling.

Now lets all calm down and wait.

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Anyone seen the new programmes about stupidly indebted people?

Some IFA in a flashy beemer arrives to explain how Mr or Mrs X will be financially screwed in X months if they don't sort out their finances big time.

We then watch as the thumbscrews are tightened as the victim is subjected to a cold turkey diet of lower spending and debt reduction.

A sign of things to come...? The new property programmes...?


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The problem with all these personal budgeting guru TV shows - Alvin included - is that they always include people with perfectly reasonable incomes that spend like lunatics. That way, it's always easy for the guru to provide a game plan and to reinforce the idea that all financial hardship is the result of individual stupidity.

They'll never show poor b*stards that are in debt because they don't get a living wage in this McJob economy.

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