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Not sure how interesting this may be, but I came across this on a political blog

Apparantly No10 have been posting on it and they have the No 10 IP Addresses

Secret Lemonade Drinker said...

How do you know Downing Street is reading your blog?

11:27 AM

Guido Fawkes Esq. said...

IP addresses - cover the Downing Street offices.

They are usually occasional readers of Guido but they love Recess Monkey he tells me.

Today they were up early.

Another poster wrote

I know for a fact that govt computers block out huge swathes of the internet world and you have to get special permission to view certain sites. It works on a "ban everything then permit requested sites basis".

None of my old civil service friends can access my blog at work (and they can't get permission either!!).

So you're pretty important, Guido.

Bit naughty to publish Downing Street IP addresses though. You just cost the taxpayer a bit more money. They'll be replaced by the end of the weekend!

Admin bods should be able to confirm whether the NuLab work exp/tea boys are posting on here

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There someone called Zorn who it turned out was posting from Rightmove a while ago. He stopped one he was 'outed' though.

I actally quite liked his posts. He was one of the few people who thought HPI was a good thing and was articulate about it. Rather than the usual 'I'm alright Jack' idiots.

He also came across as completely cold and unable to comprehend anyone's personal situation. Hence everyone originally thought he must be a New Labour stooge.

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Sent with love from a hard working family that you seem to be so desperate to please

...... oh btw thanks for the extra £10 per month it will help with the over inflated council tax rise as well as all the other increases in my utility bills

edited with thanks to Blacktuesday - but i think he'll still get the jist of it. :D

Edited by Disillusioned ftb

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