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Grim Retail Reports, Dropping Car Sales, Rising Unemployment News

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Thursday March 23, 10:08 AM

Next Group PLC

Next forecasts grim year ahead as sales drop
Fierce high street competition and a tough UK economic environment look set to limit growth at Next, which said it expected like-for-like sales to continue to decline in 2006 after a difficult beginning to the year.


Thursday March 23, 09:50 AM

European Home to report losses

LONDON (ShareCast) - Home and TV shopping group European Home Retail will make a loss this year after sales in Europe have failed to pick up.



09:58 - 21 March 2006

Rising unemployment could force the Bank of England to cut interest rates* this summer, a top economist has predicted. Dennis Turner,
HSBC's chief economist
, told business leaders in Gloucestershire that the increase in the jobless total would hold back economic growth this year.
Coming at a time of continued record levels of household debt and the impact of higher taxation, the Bank is likely to have little choice but to ease the cost of borrowing from its rate of 4.5 per cent, possibly in June or July.


LONDON (AFX) - UK car production fell sharply in the three months to February, dragged lower by falls in both exports and domestic orders, figures from the Office for National Statistics showed.
On a seasonally adjusted basis, car output in the three months to February fell by 5.7 pct compared with the three months to December and by 10.1 pct on the same period a year earlier.
In the three-months to January, there were corresponding falls of 7.6 pct and 8.9 pct respectively.
On a three-monthly comparison, export orders fell by 4.5 pct, while production allocated for the home market fell by 9.0 pct.
On a year-on-year basis, exports were down by 10.1 pct while
production for the home market slumped by 26.5 pct.

The stuff recessions are made of? If the VIs believe HPI can continue while the economy slumps they are suffering from dellusional fantasies or are BSing us all!

HPC 2006 looks more likely by the day.


* HSBC have overlooked the move in IR coming from Japan making higher IR more than likely before the end of 2006.

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Rising unemployment could force the Bank of England to cut interest rates* this summer, a top economist has predicted.

Can anybody explain why? Surely in a depressed market companies are likely to want to invest less/cut costs and hence have lower borrowing requirements?

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