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Estate Agent Jokes

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A man walked into a bar with his alligator and asked the bartender, Do you serve estate agents here?

Sure do, replied the bartender.

Good, said the man. Give me a beer, and I'll have an estate agent for my 'gator.

Why does the NAEA prohibit sex between estate agents and their clients?

To prevent the client for being billed twice for what is essentially the same service.

Two small boys, not yet old enough to be in school, were overheard talking at the zoo one day:

My name is Billy. What's yours? asked the first boy.

Tommy, replied the second.

My Daddy's an accountant. What does your Daddy do? asked Billy.

Tommy replied, My Daddy's an estate agent.

Honest? asked Billy.

No, just the regular kind, replied Tommy.

Billy Shears

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