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The Real Cost Of Hpi?

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The following is takem from the uknova.com forum


We don't normally allow people to use these forums for private sales, adverts or appeals. But today we are making an exception for someone who has been a member of UKNova for over a year, and who you might be able to help. There is no pressure or obligation on anyone here to respond to this appeal. We have verified 100 percent that this appeal is genuine - there is no question whatsoever of it being any kind of scam. If you don't want to respond, or if you think it's not kosher - then just ignore it. And if you've got a few quid to spare, and you think you'd like to help, then go ahead.

Once again - we don't usually allow these forums to be used for appeals of this nature... but this is a long-standing member of the UKNova community and we are making an exception for what is an exceptional case.

We'll let Dave explain the situation himself:



I am contacting you to ask a huge huge huge favour.

I've been with my partner Su for 4 years and we've been living together in our new house for 10 months. We were just starting out together. We had planned to get married this year.

Just before Christmas, Su was diagnosed with cancer in her colon. This month, she was diagnosed with advanced cancer in her liver.

Things are very serious and life-threatening.

Standard chemotherapy will simply not work on her: the cancer is too far advanced. Her only hope is a brand new treatment known as Avastin, which is not yet available on the NHS, as it is not yet approved for use. It has not even completed its trial stage.

We can only receive this treatment by paying for it privately. To enable Su to receive this treatment, we have to find £40000 by March 15th.

Our families are currently re-mortgaging their houses, raiding their bank accounts and screwing every last penny from their life-savings. Yet we are still far from the needed amount.

I have set up a fund-raising website at http://www.weneedyounow.com to try to raise a bit more cash. All I need is people with a £1 coin and a heart.


Dave Woodley.


Please visit the website @ http://www.weneedyounow.com ( or @ the alternate address for the site http://www.davewoodley.co.uk/weneedyounow/ ) where you not only can donate, but also read updates on the latest progress.

The official thread in the forums can be found here: http://www.uknova.com/forums.php?action=vi...c&topicid=37575

This part is taken from their appeal website

Su and I became convinced that this was our only hope and so we looked into the costs. We were stunned to learn that the treatment will cost around £40,000.

This is where you can help us. We simply do not have that amount of money. We are saddled with a huge mortgage for our tiny little house and have not had time to build up any savings - Su and I have only just started out together.

So essentially they cant afford to take out a £40,000 loan because they have just (10 months ago) taken out a massive mortgage....that is financially crippling them

NB. Originally thought it was a scam, as you would, but it seems to be for real due to apparently being verified by the following

419eater.com (cant find the story though)



www.exmouthcaravans.co.uk :D

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