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Say Something 'bullish' About Bojs Impending Rises..

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Is there anything directly resulting from Japanese interests rate increases that prevents our house prices falling ?

I have seen no real argument FOR this policy yet from the BUY BUY BUY brigade.....

Why will it NOT affect us personally ? There must be some who are not concerned, perhaps you would be willing to explain why.....

Please... Educate a novice into buying another house on monday morning...

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Well, no one could possibly say anything bullish about rising Interest Rates when it comes to property, but on the other hand I personally am yet to be totally convinced about how long it will take for Japan's very slow increase in IR to have any measurable effect on our Interest Rates and therefore house prices.

Yes it will have an effect eventually I imagine, but are we talking a matter of weeks, months or years, and by how much will our mortgage rates be forced to rise.

Some straight answers on a postcard please. :rolleyes:

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