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Calls, Puts, Options, Futures, Warrants

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Can anyone recommend or point me in the right direction of either literature or websites on the above - what they are, how they work, how to trade them etc ?

Thanks in advance.


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"New investors toolkit" by a chap called I think Hoar/Hoare, covers all these and seems quite straightforward and up-to-date. Dont use any of these instruments myself but nice to know roughly what they are all going on about.

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I am also interested in this subject but people tell me you need big money any views?

thanks in advance



In my reading on the subject looks like you're better off just buying puts and calls. Don't get into selling options that get's heavy as you need the dosh to go and buy/sell the underlying stock. Account requirments vary:-

Etrade require "$50,000 for naked calls or index puts." I'm not interested in writing/selling options but buying puts would be good if I could afford it! I think other brokers do it cheaper. Follow the link from the Bubb above as the Optionetics site has links to brokers and account requirements, I found it very useful (thanks to the Dr).

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I dabbled with options during the pre-2000 craziness and made a couple of grand in around 30 mins - then I backed off for a bit and the markets been flat ever since...

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