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The background :

PricedOut.org.uk is a new campaign to raise awareness of the damage being caused by unaffordable house prices.

The case for its promotion on HPC (courtesy of DoubleBubble Trouble) :

The PricedOut webmaster has donated money to HPC in the past out of his own pocket. The site in question is not for profit, there are no ad's, nothing to buy from it. It is not a business. The webmaster is also committed to converting it to a registered non-profit organisation if it takes off. The webmaster also contacted HPC's Greg prior to launching to let him know what DBT was up to. DBT has also stated many times he doesnt want to canibalise HPC traffic, as he is trying to do something different from what HPC does and can do.

The case against its promotion on HPC (courtesy of Converted Lurker) :

Because it is against HOC forum rules. CL has never witnessed anyone plugging their business so much in every single post. Personally CL would have no problem with it if DBT parted with, for example £250 a month, as he seems to recall. Also many others have been discouraged/prevented from having their company/organisation details shown as PricedOut are. So CL argues where does Greg draw the line? In CL's honest opinion PricedOut is well out of order, unless it`s now a free for all.

You have listened to the arguments now please cast your votes as to exactly who is bang out of order.

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    1. 1. Including the effects Brexit, where do you think average UK house prices will be relative to now in June 2020?

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