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"On reading the report I thought it was all doom and gloom and that I'd be going back to renegotiate the cost but to my surprise they final valuation in it's present condition was £225k (£250k with repairs carried out)."


"Another piece of relevant info is that the last owners bought the place for £229k in summer of 2003."

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They are buying BMV..

Prices don't fall, cunning investors are able to buy below market value.

Really, they do believe that.. :) bless them

Prices are not dropping, they are just getting better deals..

Those deals are just going to get better and better...

Until the point where I will buy..


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What is the pratt on about, he offers £215K which is accepted, plus spending £5K to do it up. Total spend £220K.

He gets the report back valuing it at £225K with in his estimation £10K of work to be done when work done value = £250K.


He's getting it already for less than the HB report says its worth.

If he spends £10K its worth £35K more than the offer price.

He is aready offering lower than the owners paid in 2003.

There is removing the urine and there is slapping someone in the face with a wet fish, then there is this guy. Priceless.

I'm all for HPC but his offer has already been accepted.

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