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A Plan To Get Us All A House

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Ok im sure i will get plenty of scoffing and "down with that darn homeless one" type of catcalls.But ive actually worked out a plan to get us all a house, it wont be right away but we will get there.

This is the master plan

we open a ltd company with 1000 members or a trust or whatever you want to legaly make it.

each member puts in 1000 pounds each.from which we buy 10x ftb 100k houses from

10 members renting off of the company now then occupy these houses paying the normal rent.

so rent say 50k for first year

second year we put in another 1000 each

we now have 20 houses + 100k rent

third year we put in again 1000 each, so by end of 3rd year we have 30 houses +150k rent

end of forth year same again we now buy 11 houses (1 from the 150k) leaving 50k

so in total we now have 41 houses and 205k rent

fifth year the same 1000 each we now have 51 houses and 410k rent

sixth year its 64 houses and 640k

seventh 74 and 1.4mil

eight 98 houses and 1 mill rent

ninth 118

tenth 138

eleveth 161

twelve 179

thirteenth 200



and in about 35 years time we each own a house

no yer mocking but hold on

first we could each put 5k in to start this would knowck about another 5 years off the total time

second we could double the 1000 to 2000 this would knowck off about another 8 years

What the beauty of this scheme is this

we dont over the lifetime of our housing buying take out any mortgages hence saving loads of money on the final cost.

we also rent to ourselves thus all the money goes back into the pot, being used to buy more houses for ourselves.

After the first few years the system realy kicks into gear, and as each person moves into there new house they effectively own if they just need to pay rent on it till everyone has a house at which point everyone owns one.

obviously there are things to iron out like raised rents and rising property costs ect that will adjust time frames up or down.But the generally idea is to all invest in a pot that buys houses to distribute to the members.Every single house bought thus makes rent poayments to the pot and thus we all see the good from the rental income.As you can see above soon the rental income outstripes the yearly dibs to the scheme.

i estimate using this scheme every member would own there own house in 20 years with an initial outlay each of only 25k for a house that will then be worth 100k (adjust everything for inflation ect)

This effectively beats the whole system of mortgages and paying rent to landlords while saving, im sure some accountant on here can tweak my rough figures and lay out in a proper format.


I came to this idea by saying to my 3 brothers if we cant afford a house each then we should buy one for each of us in turn.As we are paying say 20k a year in letting costs we would after the intial purchase actually save 10k each year in letting costs between us.ie the 5k one didint need to pay and the 5k that went into the pot for the next house.ive just expanded it onto a grander scale of more members of the scheme.

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Isn't this how buy to let works. i.e. A perfectly reasonable business proposal when using cleared capital. It's just when you are trying to make a 4% yield on top of borrowed money that it probably fails.

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Why don't you just identify an ethnic minority to harrass. Highlight the injustice of how good hard working english are being prevented from their god given right to a decent job, house and life

Then once you've got enough public support. Steal their houses, ship them off to a holiday camp, and whilst they are there steal their clothes, hair, glasses, gold teeth etc. Maybe even send them into forced labour or worse. That should give you enough cash to redevelop the houses and a bit more for a few luxury essentials like jack boots.

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You'll speed it up a bit by packing 5 of us per house - remember that those of us not living in one of these projects still have to pay rent.

Also, I'm not sure you'll find any £100k houses around here. :)

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Seriously homeless, think for a moment. 1000 members, jostling for leadership of the group, you being kicked off the board, decisions about your idea being made by strangers to benefit themselves mind you. All for the possibility of owning your house in X years.

What you need, is a rejig of your idea. Cut out the other 999 members, rent places to strangers, you're the landlord, you make the decisions.

A successful and well executed plan will result in you owning your own home in 5 years, or at least having the net worth to say you're worth more than your house.

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