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Charlie Don't Surf

How To Invest In Etfs

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I think you'll have to open a US trading account to buy the water ETF it's not available in this backward nation yet.

The yanks have a much better selection of ETFs than we do.

I understand your interest though. There's such a huge choice of investments out there that I've decided to invest a portion of my pot in what you might call long term no brainers. Water has to be one of them.

A whole bunch of things that may be great investments long term might take a hit before long. I've decided to stay in cash and gold and gorge on investment carrion in 1/2/3? years time.

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Yes I have a little in IDVY too. and SLXX and FXC and IJPN. I was going to put more in IBZL and IEER but then wave of global liquidity came and washed the prices up to nosebleed levels.

now waiting for the tide to go out parked in SLXX and FXC

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Guest wrongmove

As for future growth I still like the funds that track the highest dvidend paying stocks (IUKD and IDVY).

I think these funds are an excellent idea. Small spreads, and no stamp duty either ! :) They are like an instant High Yeild Portfolio. Do you know of any other tracker type funds that wieght by anything other than market cap TETTU ? (I guess IDJG and IDJV also fall into this category.)

I have read on several occasions that market cap is a bad way to weight a portfolio. It forces you to buy when shares are expensive and sell when they are cheap. So these dividend weighted trackers were a welcome find. Safer (much more diversified) than single shares, but with some chance of beating the market.

In answer to OP

You may find this site useful: trustnet.com

It has basic data on Investment Trusts (ITs), OEICs, funds etc.

If you click on Investment Trusts, then Conventional Trusts (Conventional ITs) there is a list of nearly 300 ITs, some of which are a bit like ETFs. They trade like ordinary shares, and generally have reasonable spreads, but unlike iShares, you have to pay stamp duty.

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