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Getting Out Before A Crash...

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I wanted to get some facts about the likleyhood of a crash this year, so I was pleased to see that this site had a link to a book called "Getting Out Before A Crash: Knowing When to Sell Property, When to Buy, and How to Avoid Negative Equity". I enquired about this at a local bookshop and was told that the publication has been cancelled. I guess that it could have been withdrawn for legal reasons. I wonder if anyone else out there has tried to get hold of a copy of this book or knows any more details about it's possible withdrawal?

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I ordered this book on Amazon over 2 months ago, delivery due 27/28th Feb.

Still no word, they haven't informed me that the order is cancelled.

You can still place orders on the web.

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Any chance there is a book on "Is there actually going to be a crash. Knowing when to move on...."

Try 'Devil Take the Hindmost: A History of Financial Speculation' by Edward Chancellor:


Chancellor shows how true is the adage about those who do not understand history being doomed to repeat it. He takes us on a tour of financial madness throughout the centuries, from the Dutch tulip mania, to the infamous South Sea Bubble of 1720, to the 1980s Japanese real estate bubble, with many stops in between. What emerges is a consistent pattern: easy credit providing fuel for speculation, in combination with some new technology or management system, creating a "bubble", which inflates beyond all reason. But eventually, no greater fool with deep pockets exists, and the entire structure comes crashing down, leaving ruin behind.

The strange thing is, the participants in the madness often seem very aware that something is wrong, that it cannot last. But they ignore the evidence that ruin is on its way, right up until the end, when it is too late. They then learn their lesson. But the lessons don't seem to get passed down, for bubbles repeat themselves, generation after generation.

Just as today, where the news has been full of stories of the real-estate bubble for months, yet the trend continues, with people flipping properties, hoping they won't be the last one holding the bag.

You cannot understand economics and finance without understanding history, and I can think of no better place to start than Devil Take The Hindmost. It certainly beats the much more expensive education one could get when the next bubble bursts.

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