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Conversation On The Bus This Morning.... I Think The

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On the bus this morning I was busy reading what I had printed off HPC.(Which I do every morning on the bus - God how sad is my life!!!)

Behind me I heard the woman down the road (who has been trying to sell her home for over a year).

She mentioned to the lady next to her (Must have been a friend) that she had to get back from work a bit early as the SURVEYOR was coming round.

FRIEND: Oh thats good, have you found somewhere yourself yet?

LADY: NO, actually we have decided to rent for a while, puts us in a better position as


FRIEND: YES, thats' a good idea, and judging from the state of the housing market at the moment

i thnink you are doing the right thing. You will probably be able to buy back in at

a cheaper price.

LADY: YES, thats' why we are doing it as well.

This is interesting for 2 reasons.

Reason one - That the Friend would say this at all.

With all the media ramping prices up, it appears that the average 'women' in the street

may be getting a more balanced idea of what is going on.

Reason two- The reason the LADY may be renting is I spoke to her last MAY and suggested that the Housing Market was in decline and said that in my opinion she would be better off renting for a while when she

sold so she could see which way the market went. (She obviously did actually take in what I said).

She told me at the time (did not seem at all embarrassed to admit it) that she was only selling her 4 bed to downsize to a 3 bed cos she and hubby are in so much debt !!!

I have to wonder where the hell they are going to downsize to, she lives down the road from me in an

ex-council house which is not that big and she has 3 kids !! She said she was staying in the area.

I also have sent her various bits of HPC stuff over the last few months, so whether that had some effect as well I don't know, still it was interesting to hear. :)

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