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Tenants From Hell

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Just watched "Tenants from Hell 2005" on ITV2.

Should put off any budding BTL'rs !

Kate Moss trashed the country cottage she rented and one guy had his ex tenant who he thought had left his house still living secretly in his loft.

Brought back some bad memories from when I had to let my house out whilst working abroard.

Newly carpeted throughout for the new tenant "lovely girl who worked away and would only be using it at the weekends" I was assured by the "letting agent".

Once she was in her and her boyfriend that is, there were many phone calls from the agent telling me that she was behind with the rent and she constantly had to go around and collect it from her in person. (That's what did I pay the 15% fee for). 2 broken double glazed patio windows later (same one twice)?? missing kitchen door? every carpet had burn marks and stains all over, all up the stairs, bathroom etc?? cracked bedroom window, she painted the kitchen!! Yes the whole kitchen, walls, tiles, even the worktops??? Sky dish installed without permission, bedroom painted dark blue and the thermostat broken off. Big squares of turf missing from the lawn and many plants?????

Since I got my house back I've had bailiffs calling and numerous letters ccg's against her.

Despite all this my letting agent gave her a good reference to get rid of her!

And YES I kept the deposit, well she didn't even ask for it, not that it went anywhere near the repairs.

I've checked my loft, have you checked yours ?

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Man you missed some great parties!

Did you find the dead badger?

Did the stains ever come out?

Playing golf with the JCB was an inspired idea!


I found the seagull behind the shed, forgot about that. Not found the badger yet.

I hope you're looking after your mums place better...

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Why on earth do we tolerate brainless idiots such as Kate Moss. This adulation that seems to pour on talentless morons such as Moss and Tracey Emin baffles me. It seems the more stupid they behave, the more hip and fashionable they become. Last night Emin fronted a TV show about art. In years to come future generations will look back and ask how were we taken in by all their nonsense. What art has Emin produced? Just controversial rubbish that idiots such as Satchi buy to show us all how much money they can waste.

As for Moss and her strange hooded eyes. Is she beautiful? I think not. Do we really care if she sticks coke up her nose? Obviously the fashion houses consider it was an excellent career move.

Question... Is Pete Doherty a rock and roll rebel, or just a prat in a hat with a fag sticking out of his mouth? Don't think too hard!

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I found the seagull behind the shed, forgot about that.

I´ve always wondered where that ended up! At least you now know what we used as a golf ball.

My parents don´t know I´m back - I´m living in the loft :ph34r:

Seriously, I would have murdered your letting agents. wtf do they get references for?


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