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Btl Article In Sundays Independent

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I have just got round to reading yesterdays paper and read in the money section of the Independent


The article goes on to say Buoyancy is being fuelled by expectations of steady house price rises, a glut of cheaper buy-to-let deals and healthy demand from tenants-particularly first-time buyers still priced off the property ladder.

I feel despair.

This is robbing the have nots to give to the haves.

History does repeat itself, it just comes in another guise.

Come back Robin Hood

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Guest Winners and Losers

I have started to wonder why I bother telling people that house prices might fall. I mean, why do I care? Why am I warning people? The more people who buy now (at the absolute PEAK!) and get into trouble, the more cheap houses that will be available for FTB's to snap up. I am going to start telling everyone to buy now, before they miss the boat. The falling of prices (whether crash or 'correction') is inevitable. Anyone who believes different has rocks in their head. I was caught out by buying at the peak of the market in Oz (2002). Prices rose until early 2004 and then started on a relatively steep downward spiral.

The UK? Here is a comment from my favourtie BTL muppet:

Me - 'if you buy now you will be buying at the top of the market'

Muppet - 'no, I don't buy at the top of the market, I only look to spend about £100k'

What is wrong with their reply? A bag of smarties for the correct answer! :)

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