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Rise Of The Right

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Ok I'm still not "sold on gold" but here is something I came across while investigating cgnao's latest post exhorting us all to buy gold.

Its from the records of the US House of Representatives a speech by Congressman Ron Paul.


Caution - Ron Paul is a Conservative Libertarian (read nutjob?)


Am I the only one noticing how many of the links and opinions posted by Uber-bears and goldbugs can be traced back to right-wing libertarian individuals and groups?


Cato Institute?

John Birch Society?

Lyndon LaRouche?

BTW - for all you bugs - the proven way for the US to support the dollar (and therefore political power) is to sell gold - driving the price down and a rush to the dollar as the worlds reserve currency. A crisis in commodities (led by gold) would be the ideal prop for the dollar.

Whos zooming who?

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Guest muttley

I think that the thing that goldbugs and political extremists have in common is that the world is unstable and about to change for the worse.

They will instinctively hang on to any articles predicting political or economic unrest and sometimes these articles will overlap.

HPCers do it all the time.

It's just that we are RIGHT!!! (reaches for valium)

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Lots of bears turning bullish lately.

You'd swear they were all "following orders" or something the way it all happened in unison.

I smell brylcreem..... ;)

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