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If Rosie`s exploits are to be believed then the Firstrung team fail to see how she could continue to ignore the vital clues so evident in her own experiences, each one confirming that she should have grave misgivings regarding her part time career.

However, if her denial mindset is to be believed, then letting go of her business creation must be proving difficult. As to whether this is proof of a more maternal instinct towards an entity that is deeply flawed is an argument for another day. However, it was reported earlier this week that the vast majority of BTL investors are women, perhaps collectively their judgement is too easily impaired by emotive feelings and they are finding it far too difficult to let go however harmful to their future prosperity their creation may prove to be.


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50% of flats are empty! That one statistic alone should send warning signals through the whole industry. But she just cannot see it!


We are naughty landlords. The estate agency Knight Frank announced to me this week that we have not been doing our job properly. Apparently, half of all flats advertised to let, in London at least, are already sitting vacant, showing that we landlords are amateurs and should sign up right away for the likes of Knight Frank to come and manage them for us. Well, whether you believe that this statistic reveals poor landlording or that it is far easier to market an already empty flat than one with a tenant pulling faces at you is a moot point…

So why is 50% of advertised stock hanging around empty? “Landlords don’t take our advice,” said Hyatt, sadly. “They don’t do regular Nip/Tuck routines, by which I mean giving it a fresh look, perhaps a bit of a repaint, perhaps a bit of contemporary furniture. And sometimes the flat or house is not in the right price bracket.”

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