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Animal Farm? More like 1984

A lot of people will say 1984. But the reference to Animal Farm and squealer in particular, is the 7 laws of Animalism mysterious additions that kept suddenly appearing. I will add my post from the site mentioned in the second link. It may seem a bit incongruous but you would have to have read the entire thread originally posted it on to fully appreciate it.

From www.arrse.co.uk

"This erosion of freedoms started long before Labour came to power in '97. It was only the final step. Remember all the fuss in the papers about so called "trendy teaching" methods? About how all answers were equally valid and there was no correct one. Google it and do some research if you need to but I remember the articles quite well, what was happening was the intent to rob the future masses of today the ability to think about complex issues and see the reasons underpinning actions. Such as Hitlers enabling act. Forget 1984 read Animal Farm it is more pertinent. Remember the bit were Squealer (i think) was found in the dead of night at the foot of a ladder, which he fell off, with a tin of paint and a brush and a new addition to the laws of Animalism. "All the animals looked on in wonderment except old Benjamin the donkey who nodded to himself with a knowing look on his face" or words thereabouts.

Sounds familiar? I think it does, and the bit at the end? "As the animals looked through the window they could not distinguish the humans from the pigs" Tory/New Labour, Czarist/Communist? With the "dumbing down" going on in schools and on television, the downgrading of pot so that people can use it without fear of heavy jail time and the introduction of all day drinking this will mean that the general public will be constantly drunk or stoned to care too much about what is happening until it is too late. And if they protest too much about what is going on then tough it will be jail for them. Do not expect too much from the so called educated masses as the universities have been subjected to an influx of idiots doing silly degrees because the guardians of thought have been seduced by more money to let them in. Or cudgelled by the threat of lost money if they didn't. As a result the lefty trendy teachers infiltrated univerisities and preached their own mantra of labour good tory bad.

The answer? Not a Charles the first, he was replaced with another overbearing dictator in the name of freedom, Cromwell.

A constitution like the Americans? I can see it's merits, particularly the part about a President not being able to serve after two terms. But even that can be warped to suit a presidents needs if he can swing congress and the senate.

The most effective way at the present is to spread the word, visit other forums where there is at least some modicum of intelligence, one being www.housepricecrash.co.uk (not a plug for it) and get the news out. Send letters to newspapers in large numbers via e-mail to keeo down costs, phone in to radio talk shows. Talk Radio used to be good until it was perverted into Talksport with too much emphasis on sports, remember the dumbing down? Even down the pub subtley introduce into conversation to get folk aware of it. In short get the news out. It is the only way, if it fails then then read my signature for some ideas. "

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