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How Much Do You Gamble ?

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Why class the stockmarket as gambling? Done properly it's a measured risk. The lottery is a gamble (very high risk also)

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I think you are confused, a house is to live in not a gamble.

Having 1k of rent to pay each month and three little mouths to feed is less of a gamble than buying a house for 1k per month, how so ?.

In both cases, if you fall on hard times you are stuffed.

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i will probably invest once i have a bit of a nest egg so that if i lose it, the whole world won't collapse.

I really don't get how these mew folks can sleep at nite. i just can't wait to pay off my 0% cc. i'm not moving anything around anymore cuz i refuse to pay that handling charge. Tighten belt, pay off, then save, then invest.

Am i really old fashioned or what?

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