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3 bd. 10th floor. Hotspur Street.


3 bd. 10th floor. Hotspur Street.


Its amazing the value of a couple of new duvet covers and a tidyup.

Designer taps strike again.

Interesting to note that the more expensive flat is listed as being an ideal BTL investment. But the cheaper flat needs (at full asking price) to gross £1K pcm to get a return of 7.5%, which has been quoted to me as the expected rental return for a BTL to be worthwhile. Checking rents on Rightmove for the same postcode, there are two flats in that building up for rent. The first is up for £230 per week which works out to be £996.66 pcm. The second is up for £275 pcm, but it's on the 20th floor. Can being ten floors higher add so much to the rent?

But for the first time since I started looking, it looks like here's a place which might rent for enough to make it worthwhile at today's prices. Providing that the rent asking price to true rent isn't less than purchase asking price to true purchase price. And of course providing that prices don't go down.

Billy Shears

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I think that's a fair differential.

The difference is just a bit less than 10% which seems fair for the updated kitchen and bathroom and decor.

10% is probably about as much extra as you're going to get for exactly the same living space.

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I'm not squeamish about a bit of urban grit - I live in a 'poor' area - but shelling out loads a high rise in sodding Lambeth?

Heck, they make gritty british films about these places. How about 'Kidhulthood 2' - one of the kids decides to make something of themselves, gets an education and a good job and, er, ends up where they started but now bankrupt to boot?

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...these flats for cash purchasers only

...and yet suitable for FTBers?

...these EAs must be living in la la land :)

PS - If you had that much cash then you would buy something decent elsewhere with a mortgage!!??

156K is the cost of a small studio in London. But in an ex-council highrise you get a whole bedroom. That sort of price is only for low life (like me! ha ha. Average wage - my income multiples only extend to about 120K :blink: )

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